Chapter 2

 With the Arctic owl as his guide, and the polar bear by his side, Zoot was very much enjoying his time in the Arctic. The owl and the polar bear explained how all the animals in the Arctic loved being there and how important the Arctic was to every person and animal that lived on the planet.

“It certainly does seem to be as special as I’d thought it would be,” beamed Zoot. “However I was so excited about getting out of my spaceship, that I forgot to bring of my special stardust juice and now I’m quite thirsty. If I don’t have something to drink soon my four legs will dry out and I won’t be able to walk anymore. Is there any water nearby Arctic Owl?”

The owl looked worried: “we’re not far from some seawater but it might not be good for you to drink.”

“Oh please, let’s see,” said Zoot.

And so they went to find the water before Zoot’s legs dried out.

But when they got there, they didn’t find anything that Zoot could drink.

“Oh no, what’s happened here?” said the alien. “This water is gooey, black and smells funny. I can’t drink this.”

“Some men came to drill for oil here many months ago,” the owl said sadly. “They had an accident and all the oil spilled into the water. I hoped it would be all gone by now.”

“Why hasn’t it been cleaned up?” cried Zoot.

“Because the Arctic is a cold and remote environment which is covered in ice, it is very difficult to clean up a major oil spill. The men don’t seem to know how to do it” explained the polar bear.

“My legs are drying up, I’m going to freeze here, please help me,” squealed Zoot.

So how does the chapter end? Does Zoot find some clean water to drink? Or will his legs freeze up completely? Or will he survive? Write next part below.

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2 endings to “Chapter 2

  1. They thought they could get some water by the sea. So they walked towards the sea. But when they got there they remembered that the sea water tasted bad so they couldn’t drink that either.

    They had to walk for miles and miles and eventually they found some water and Zoot had a drink.

    “That feels better,” he said. “Now what shall we do next?”

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